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Scania recalls its fluffy bear – why companies recall their products so often?

Posted February 13, 2017

Nowadays we hear reports about various recalls quite often. It is not because our manufacturing methods are getting worse, but because safety standards are getting more and more important. Usually we hear about recalls of various vehicles. However, when a famous manufacturer of trucks and buses, Scania, announced about a recall everyone guessed wrong what is happening.

Guilty as charged – the zipper of the bear’s vest could come undone and pose a risk of choking. Image credit:

This Swedish company is not recalling one of its heavy trucks or large buses. In these sectors Scania is strong as ever. It is actually recalling a soft toy – a plushy bear with blue zipper vest. This small teddy bear was a part of Scania merchandise collection, which is meant to serve as gifts to fans of the brands and companies that are running Scania vehicles. However, company noticed a small problem – the zipper of the vest of the teddy bear could come loose and thus could pose a risk of choking. Although no accidents were reported, Scania decided to recall all the bears.

Of course, although 7,531 of these teddy bears have been sold across the world, it is not that big of a problem for Scania. They were relatively cheap and were never meant to bring profit for the company. That is why decision to recall all of them was not that hard. Company’s name an image are more valuable than the money Scania is going to lose in this recall. However, these funny news do allow us to take a better look at why recalls happen so often these days.

Most of the recalls happen in automotive industry – at least we hear about them more often. Automotive companies are large corporations and each of components have to be manufactured to industry’s standards. Because of the scale of production and a large number of parties involved in the production process, mistakes happen. Usually they are not big enough to notice immediately and do not cause major problems for the quality of the vehicle. However, automotive companies choose to recall these products to avoid high number of warranty claims that not only cost a lot of money, but also damage reliability statistics of entire brand. Furthermore, in case of an accident brand could be blamed as well, which would be very bad publicity indeed. For the same reason toy recalls happen too – it is better to have some losses now than to deal with unwanted media attention later.

And so this little bear from Scania is nothing new. However, it does show that this company takes safety very seriously and does not want its logo to be on a bear vest that could potentially harm children.


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