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Scientists are developing a smart system to help people reducing their water bills

Posted February 10, 2017

Water is not something to be taken for granted. Even though Earth is mostly water, our resources are not infinite. Saving water is also important, because it helps us saving money. Soon it should be a little easier, with a new app, which is currently being created at Loughborough University. This simple device and app combination promises to help reducing water bills.

When we get water so easily, it is difficult to not take it for granted. But in the future a global water crisis may happen. Image credit: Loughborough University

Some countries already have problems relating water consumption. Some cities in warmer climate grew too quickly and now existing infrastructure cannot support the needs of all these people. Furthermore, climate change is also creating problems for water supply and resources. It means that water is going to get expensive or we will start lacking it. That is why scientists from various institutions want to create tools for households that will help people save water. This new one is a combination of a wireless device and mobile app. This system uses data from the sensor, attached to water appliances in the home to inform home owners about their water consumption.

Manufacturers of home appliances are trying to make them consume less water, but this system is aimed at people and their habits. Scientists estimate that this app could help reduce water consumption by 20 %. Because every appliance is being monitored separately, people will be able to see, which one is using too much water. It will help them to make informed decisions about upgrades needed or which habits are costing them money. One water company in Poland and one in Greece, have already started trailing the scheme and the project is due to end in May. The project really is international, because problem of water consumption is too.

First trials proved that this system allows people to reduce their water consumption by 20 %. It is not hard to do when you have all information. System allows identifying biggest water consumption problems and later people can decide how to eliminate them. Dr Lili Yang, one of the scientists involved in the project, said: “If widely accepted by communities, then a significant contribution to tackling the world water crisis could be achieved”.

Water seems so easy to get – you just open the faucet and it pours out. However, World Economic Forum called lack of water one of the biggest threats to the world in the coming decade. So we should all think of ways of reducing our water consumption.


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