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People feel better about their job after a cosmetic surgery

Posted February 10, 2017

What are the main effects of cosmetic face surgery? Nicer looks, better psychological health and self-esteem? Yes, but now scientists revealed one unexpected effect of cosmetic surgery. People who choose to surgically alter their looks feel better about their job afterwards.

Many women feel better about their job when they feel better about the way they look. Image credit: Beercha via Flickr, CC BY 2.0

A new study from the University of Melbourne took a closer look at people who were so unsatisfied with their looks that they decided to have a cosmetic surgery for their face. Results were quite surprising – people were happier about their jobs when they return to work after the procedure. It is very interesting, because jobs themselves did not change. They were as boring, dull or as exciting as they were before these people decided to perfect their facial features. This simple change and boost for self-esteem was enough for people to find their jobs better. However, it is important to note that while majority of people in the study felt better about their job after going through facial surgery, some felt the opposite effect.

There were 121 people participating in the study, aged between 19 and 68 with an average age of 42. Most of them chose nose surgery, other popular procedures were eyelid surgeries and facelifts. Most of participant reported feeling better about their job then they returned after the surgery. It is associated with higher self-esteem and lower levels of burnout. Interestingly, other researches have showed that people, who are perceived as attractive by others, usually are more successful in their jobs. In fact, in many cases they even enjoy higher income. Furthermore, people tend to think about others as successful if they look good. But until now scientists did not know how attitude of the person changes as it becomes more attractive (at least by his own standards).

But does looking better influence your success and career? Do these people feel better about their job just because they think that now they will be able to do more and will be rewarded more? Scientists say it should not be like that. Alicia Kalus, author of the study, said: “rewarding beauty is not good for companies. In most jobs, beauty is not a productive resource. Companies should focus on rewarding only those qualities that are linked to performance”. Furthermore, if companies did not pay that much attention to the looks of its employees, girls would not base their self-esteem in their workplace on the way their face looks.

People should try and be happy with the way they look. It is just that – the image that other people see. Unless you work in a business that looks are everything, such as modelling, dreams of success should be based on hard work instead of cosmetic improvements.


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