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How to Enhance Mobile App Engagement and Improve User Retention?

Posted February 7, 2017

With the rapid evolution of mobile industry, there has been a rise in mobile app downloaders. Brands are witnessing a constant rise in a number of users downloading their applications. But, are the numbers good enough to contribute to considerable sales and revenues? Probably not.

The truth is that most of the app downloaders are uninstalling apps within a day due to negative reviews on the app store or due to expectation failure. Whatever may be the reason, it brings to light the challenge of retaining and engaging customers for app developers.

After being able to convince them for a download, you aren’t able to keep them on board, which is leading to a serious leak. According to a research by mobile marketing company, Appboy more than 75% users uninstall an app within 24 hours.

You need to work on strategies to improve mobile app engagement, which can certainly help you in retaining more customers than earlier. Mentioned below are some of the tactics you can deploy in your marketing campaigns to boost up the engagement level.

Personalization is the key

It’s really important to address your users and push promotional messages that are relevant to their taste and interest. Advising a man to buy gold ring repeatedly won’t do a trick for you, instead, will decrease his interest in your app opting him to uninstall straight away. Irrelevant targeting will kill your existence.

Make sure you do enough research on user’s recent purchases, last seen products, interests and browsing data before pushing a suggestion. Suggest them products of their interests and likings.

Generic messages are often ignored while personalized notifications get a terrific response. According to a study, an appropriate message can rise conversion rate by up to 200%.

Time plays a crucial role

Although, users are connected to apps every time and everywhere. But, it’s important for you as a marketer to analyze what the right time is to push a notification. You don’t want your notification or a message to go unnoticed just because a user wasn’t connected or wasn’t online. Pushing notifications at night when the user is off to bed won’t help. Rather catch his attention while he is enjoying breaks at the office because the possibility of him using the phone is higher at that instant.

Leave a lasting impression with the first shot

Don’t get overwhelmed with the fact that your app has been downloaded instead focus on giving your users an incredible first-time experience. This can happen when you pay close attention to the design, flow and other common pillars of an app. Try to build an app, which is worth praising in every respect, whether its design is concerned or its performance for that matter.

User interface and experience are the key factors in keeping your users engaged and intact. No matter how craftily your app solves a particular problem, until and unless it works in a flawless manner without pauses, it is a sheer waste. User-friendly apps are preferred over complex, feature-loaded apps.

Do you stand out?

To make users stick to your app ahead of rivals prevailing in the market demands something extra. It requires that X-factor in your app that’ll force users to stay. Provide value to your customers, serve them beyond expectations and keep things simple. They’ll not only stay for long but the chances of them promoting your app also go high.

In this competitive mobile world, offering a differential value is a must. But make sure you don’t overdo it else conditions like long pauses during responses, sluggish app behavior may arise.

Don’t just sell instead educate at times

The main motive of app owners is to generate more and more sales and build their annual revenue. But, before you decide to focus on the same- WAIT. Selling your product or service is important but doing it aggressively on a continuous basis can agitate your customers.

It is known that smartphones play a vital role in helping users pass their time. You can make most out of this opportunity by offering them educational stuff in form of reads, videos, infographics, facts and figures and even a community to clear doubts and share thoughts.

Above mentioned are some of the ways that can help in keeping your users engaged and improve your app’s retention rate. And this is not the end. There are several other schemes and strategies for enhancing user engagement and retention including social sharing, discounting schemes, freebies, optimum interaction, timely feedback and more.

Written by Sahil Miglani, Content Specialist at Konstant Infosolutions

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