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Knowing The Hidden Costs of Mobile App Development

Posted February 2, 2017

No one living in this era remains isolated from the advancement of technology which is expanding endlessly in the web world. Mobile apps are also gaining momentum and become a million dollar business in recent times. The business owners are also actively trying to lure more customers by creating innovative and trendy mobile apps.

If you are also planning to make an awesome mobile app for your enterprise, there are few of the major hints, opportunities and pitfalls that you must explore and work upon to generate effective web applications.

Hidden cost is a big factor to take out the best results from mobile app development, for both native and hybrid apps. In development of mobile apps, there are so many types of costs incurred during entire development phase. Any novice might get affected if these crucial factors are not taken into consideration at the initial stage.

Before indulging into endless hidden costs, a general approach can be followed to take a tentative estimate of the mobile development effort.

Steps to be Followed in a Basic App Development-

A software development firm follows the below aspects of a basic app creation process:

• Platform and technology to be used, such as Android, iOS, or cross platform

• Architecture of the App

• Striking features

• Primary project description, SRS or MVP availability.

The best option is to make an approx estimate of money that is required at each level of the development including all the above points. Following the same will help in generating better results by putting a keen eye on how much money you may actually need. It is a sensible approach so that you would be aware of any unforeseen circumstances that might occur and disrupt smooth mobile app development.

1. Cost to Place Your App in an Appstore

The app stores in general charge a basic fee to keep your app in their place. Google and Amazon are the major brands where your app can be displayed with much ease. Native and hybrid apps are costlier in the above scenario and app stores charge heavy fees showcasing such apps.

2. Development in Multiple Platforms

An optimum mobile app is one that runs on multiple platforms. A sustainable business requires to have a separate iOS and android app development. It is obvious that a native android app cannot work on iPhones. When we are discussing about the costs, these factors need to be considered as well.

3. Designing Cost

A pretty design is the heart of your mobile app and is the major reason why majority of people tends to uninstall an app. No one wants to put a dull and confusing interface in his phone. So if you want the users to hold on and enjoy working with your app, make its first impression worth alluring and noticeable.

4. Hosting Cost

While you are running an engaging app, it needs to save data somewhere, where cloud storage is the most suitable option. The web server or API hosting and your database are hosted on a cloud server or a shared/dedicated server. This allows complete availability of your mobile app where monthly hosting charges are applicable.

5. Back-end Support

The back-end needs to work on so many hidden technologies to control the front-end activities. It is basically a separate hosted API which is meant to provide sync of information between the app and your databases. This support also carries charges.

6. Offline Connectivity

A native app can easily store data on the back-end server that can be fetched anytime. But if you want to use the app offline without any internet access, it is required to create a local database to update and cache the content.

 7. User Generated Stuff

There are few features that might be of great use, although they might be omitted at the design stage and also charge extra. Some of the examples are dashboard, activity feed, user profile and file upload, which is about what a user is doing, first thing he will see, ability to add stuff like images and videos, and also an option to insert, update and share the account info through the social networks.

 8. Changes in Between

There are so many changes that might persist in between the app development process to make it as per your business requisites and end user’s taste. This creates an ambiguity within what cost estimate has been made initially. So, be prepared for the additional charges than the previous decided cost.

9. Post Installation Cost

Mobile app development is an ongoing project that requires maintenance for the issues such as security patches update, app updates with new and improved features, OS releases with updates, bug fixing, support users and similar issue. The important point to notice here is that these post-installation updates and subsequent maintenance is an expensive aspect to accomplish.

10. Testing Cost

A thorough testing is required to make a mobile app ready to be launched in the market. People usually leave this part untouched as for them a pretty look is enough for the sustainable growth. But, it is equally important to have proper testing to remove any kind of the flaws if persist so that the users will never go through a troublesome experience of a buggy app.

11. Marketing Costs

You are not done by simply getting a mobile app capable of running on multiple platforms. A robust market strategy is required to allow the users to seek your app and download it. The marketing campaigns are outrageous and cost much in regular. So, you must be prepared well with filled pockets.


While having hands in mobile app development, it is practically tough to stick around the budgetary limitations that you have framed and the sad part is that you can’t leave it in between. So, the last option you left with is to invest extra money to complete the project. Here arise the need to have a check on each minor factor involved in the app development and to work effectively on the same.

If you are also dreaming of taking out your business app into the market, it is the time to think one more time beyond design and development. There are so many factors that may empty your pocket and you are still unaware of. This blog is a small effort to gather all the necessary factors that you must take into account for mobile app development and try to hug all the hard costs.

Written by David Meyer / CSSChopper 

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