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Mobile App Advertising for Beginners

Posted February 1, 2017

Updates rarely impact ratings, but when they do free apps benefit more. Image credit: Pixelkult via Pixabay, Public Domain

According to the Pew Research Center, two thirds of Americans own a smartphone. That percentage is steadily rising. These days, the way people connect with the internet and the rest of the world is through a mobile touch screen.

There has been a big move to mobile based marketing as a result. While there is a lot of opportunity in mobile and mobile apps, you need to know what you’re doing to create effective mobile advertising. With that in mind, here are some mobile app advertising tips for beginners.

1. Optimize for App Stores

If you want your app to be successful, it needs high visibility on online app stores like Apple’s App Store and Google Play. It’s very easy to get buried.

The most important factor for finding an app on these online stores is the title of the app. Include the correct keyword or keyword phrase in the title. That keyword should be what the app does. If your app orders pizza, you better have pizza and order in the app title. Also be careful to choose the correct category for your app. If you don’t, app store browsers may never find you.

2. Market the App through Social Media

However, you shouldn’t expect to get a good number of app downloads by simply dumping it in an app store. You also need to advertise the app itself if you wish to actually get people to install it.

One the best choices available is social media. Facebook and Twitter, in particular, are what you should use. Obtain promoted posts and promoted tweets to inform people of your app. You can also use tools to target the specific demographic you are aiming for. You are sure to increase your app installs significantly.

3. Rigorously Develop and Test Your App

Even if the purpose of your app is to act as advertisement, you shouldn’t put a shoddy product on the market and expect strong engagement with your intended audience. Put a fair amount of effort into the design of your app. Make sure it is intuitive and provides value to the end user.

Also make sure to test your app on different mobile platforms and devices. Just because it works as should on an iPhone does not mean it will work correctly on a tablet.

4. Consider an International Audience

While you may expect that most people that will use your app will be Americans, that may not necessarily be the case. Most mobile platforms are available in markets across the globe, and people in every nation use smartphones and tablets.

Consider designing your app in a way that will not scare away foreign mobile users. If your app includes spoken audio, include optional subtitling services for those that don’t speak English. If you want an international audience, don’t include content that could be considered culturally sensitive to users from certain places.

5. Focus on Engagement

One of the best metrics to judge an app by is user engagement. You can obtain a large number of downloads. However, if all those people only use the app once before uninstalling it, you have failed. According to statistics, this happens about 34 percent of the time

Instead, make sure your app provides significant value to the end user in addition to marketing your products or services. Give the mobile user incentive to use your app on a daily basis. If you can achieve prolonged user engagement, the app can continue making you money months down the road.

Overall, mobile apps present a great fresh avenue for companies to market their products and services. However, just because mobile is big right now does not mean your app will be a success. Put plenty of thought and research into the app you design. If you do make the effort, it could prove popular with mobile users and provide you with a steady stream of revenue far into the future.

Written by Jennifer Livingston

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