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Security System With Wireless Sensors

Posted January 6, 2017

Not everyone likes the video cameras watching the area in home security systems. Cognitive Systems Corp created Aura, that instead of cameras, it uses a sensor to detect disruptions to wireless signals caused by movement. It consists of two pieces of equipment: a hub unit that’s placed at one end, and a sensor unit that’s placed at the other end. Once plugged in and set up, those two devices create a 3D oval-shaped area of wireless coverage between them. If anyone moves through that area, they will disrupt the wireless signal. The app is available for Android and iOS platforms. Device will detect that disruption and notify users via an app emitting an audible alarm. It’s not visually-based and it’s not triggered by changes in lighting or shifting shadows. To see Aura in action watch video bellow.

Source: Aura

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