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Seat’s new product is not a car – it is a board game

Posted January 3, 2017

Of course, creating a simple board game is not a tremendously big achievement. However, the simple fact of the matter is that no one has done it before. Seat is the first in Spain to launch its own corporate trivia game and, even more impressively, it is the first automotive brand to create its own adaptation of the Trivial Pursuit game. Seat wanted to give employees, customers, dealers and car enthusiasts a new fun way to check their knowledge about the brand. Also, it helps people learn something new and share what they already know with other like-minded people.

Unexpected, yet very interesting product from Seat – a Trivial Pursuit game for company’s employees and fans. Image credit:

Like all Trivial Pursuit games, this one has many questions. They are divided into six categories:  Sportiness, Design and Innovation, SEAT People, SEAT History, SEAT Models and SEAT in the World. Questions will be very different and very interesting, for example: “Which car model did SEAT give the Spanish medal winners at the Barcelona ’92 Olympic Games?”, “In what year did SEAT begin to use its current corporate image?”, or “Which was the first SEAT model to feature a navigation system?” For brand’s fans and, probably even more, Seat’s employees it should be a very interesting way to spend some time with their friends.

At first this game is going to be available in a traditional way – like a normal board game. However, soon it will also come in a digital version, which should be available soon in the mundoSEAT app for any user to download from Google Play and the Apple Store. Seat wants to use this opportunity to further strengthen the connection between the company and its employees and followers. On the other hand, it is also a good way to promote knowledge about the company and its products.

Car enthusiasts are quite an interesting breed of people. They love knowing even very little facts about their vehicles and maintaining their connections with the pack. That is why Seat’s Trivial Pursuit game is actually a pretty good gift to any automotive enthusiast.

Source: Seat

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