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Volkswagen Type 2 is making a comeback – simplicity is gone, but design lives

Posted December 31, 2016

One of the most iconic Volkswagen cars ever was the Type 2 van. It was one of the first vehicles of the brand, following the legendary Beetle, and was an instant success. However, even though there were many vans bearing VW badge, there was never a real successor to the old hippie car. At least until now – Volkswagen has announced that it will be making a new van, inspired by the Type 2.

The new van may look a little like the iconic Type 2, but it will be all-wheel drive, fully electric and autonomous. Image credit:

Although some of the design features will be taken from the Type 2 looks, there are much more important things to talk about. And they may not appeal to everybody, so brace yourself. The new car will be all-wheel drive, fully electric (and, it seems like, electric only) and autonomous in the future. So not much left of the simplicity of the Type 2. The new car will be a part of Volkswagen’s  I.D. family and should become a multi-functional vehicle of a new era. Volkswagen’s  I.D. family stands for a new line of cars that will be fully connected and all-electric.

Anyway, back to the design. It will be very simple and clean, although so far we only have some teaser sketches. From them we can see that the van will have a two-colour scheme with a big Volkswagen logo at the front – these features come straight from the Type 2. However, the headlights will not be round and other elements are very moderns as well. It does look like the front will be flat and the car will be similar in shape to the historic vans of the past, but we will have to wait and see when it will be revealed.

One feature we definitely will not be able to test right after it comes out – it is said that in the future car will be able to drive autonomously. With one push of the button the steering wheel will disappear into the cockpit and the autonomous driving systems will be engaged. Driver will be relaxing in a simple, yet high quality interior, while all the car’s scanners, sensors and cameras will be working to ensure safe travelling. So it is full of tech and very modern, why did they even bother to make it look like Type 2 a little? Well, Volkswagen is saying that it was done with a strong thought in mind – the new I.D. vehicle will become a bridge between history of the company and its future.

Type 2 is history – I.D. is the future. We should wait and see how it will turn out and the concepts should appear sometime next year. The styling will probably capture people immediately, but what about complex technology? We will see.

Source: Volkswagen

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