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Audi managed to squeeze another SUV into its model range – Q8 is coming next year

Posted December 30, 2016

Audi is making a ton of different models. Its efforts are spread out across the entire automotive sector and there really is an Audi for everybody. However, company is still expanding its model range and apparently now it is a good time to introduce a brand new SUV. A new Audi Q8 is just what SUV currently on the market lack – the right blend of style and practicality.

Audi Q8 will have a bold, striking front grille design. “e-tron” mark hints about electric powertrain. Image credit:

The almost production ready concept will see the light sometime next year. Audi is never too bold with its concepts, so we can expect it to be very close to the actual production model, even though so far we can only see some blurry sketches. Style is going to be one of the main points about the Audi Q8. It is said that the new model will rock a coupe-like look, but it will not sacrifice its practicality. Despite this entire craze with SUV’s, they are just some big cars and people want them to function like ones too. However, Audi has many SUV’s in its model range already, which makes this one a little special.

The new Audi Q8 will be the peak of the brand’s Q range. It will be very spacious, but also sporty. Without a doubt, it will really look interesting with an absolutely enormous front grill. It is an octagonal Singleframe, which is considerably wider than that in Audi’s current production models. It is made even more prominent by some sculptural elements – the shape of the slats is something worth mentioning and memorizing. They will be a work of art in themselves and will work very nicely with the headlight design, which is always impressive in Audi cars. Some other interesting style elements include extremely flat but very wide C-post, flared shoulders and a prominent front splitter.

Audi Q8 will draw attention to both rear and front axels, in order to underline its Quattro character. Image credit:

Audi Head of Design Marc Lichte said: “With the Audi Q8 concept, we have created a new spearhead within our Q model line. Its design strongly evokes sportiness and prestige. What’s more, we believe an important aspect of this showcar is that it offers a spacious interior with four equally comfortable seats, even with the flat roof line”. What will power this SUV? Well, the usual suspects – some TDI and TFSI engines. However, even in the concept sketches we can see a little hint about the model’s future – “e-tron” is written on the front splitter, meaning that the SUV will have an electric powertrain as well.

From city cars to supercars and SUV’s – Audi is really covering every little segment in the market. Audi cars are extremely high quality and very reliable. And there is no doubt about the technology either. However, they are very similar to each other – that is why we hope the new Q8 will really stand out of the crowd.

Source: Audi

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