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Contactless Beer Pump

Posted December 16, 2016

Most of pubs get busier in the Christmas time and Barclaycard has come out a way to reduce the time people spend waiting to be served. It is a beer pump that allows customers to pour a pint and pay with a contactless card in less than a 60 seconds.

The system is designed to reduce customer queuing time and speed up service, because according to Barclaycard, people spend an average of 12 minutes per order waiting to be served over the Christmas period.

The drinks are ordered through the pump touchscreen. The customer then uses a contactless card to pay and positions a glass to pour. A sensor detects glass placement and triggers the pump to begin dispensing the drink. The device could be configured to dispense any drink.

The prototype was installed and tested at Henry’s Café and Bar in the Piccadilly area of London.


Source: Barclaycard


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