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SEAT successfully sells cars online with 72 hour delivery

Posted December 15, 2016

Buying a brand new car is a rather simple process. You go to the dealer, select your specifications and just wait until it arrives. But it is 21st century – everything is online. SEAT did an experiment SEAT Mii by Mango on with 72 hour delivery and it exceeded brand’s expectations.

Delivering the car quickly was one of the main challenges. Image credit:

Of course, just sitting on your couch, shopping for a car and receiving it so quickly is a huge comfort. Actually, maybe more people would buy cars from SEAT, if they kept this service going. However, this was just a temporary experiment, even though it reached an unprecedented success. French version of Amazon is just an ordinary, well-known platform – people buy their TV’s and bed sheets from there. Seeing this promotion encouraged many people to try and buy the car online. In fact, it was so successful that SEAT sold 24 Mii by Mango city cars instead of 15 planned.

Actually, SEAT had to push back the deadline in order to really see the impact of the campaign. It was scheduled to end on 30 October, but lasted for a whole month longer. It is very interesting, because brand does know that people use internet to buy a car anyway – they research all the brands and all the models before making a decision. Buying a car online is just the next step and, quite possibly, brands that step onto this market first will benefit the most.

The procedure was rather simple. Customers made an order online, paying a deposit of €500. Then, sometime later, they were contacted by SEAT advisor to make sure they have the right documents to buy the car. The ideal payment method was discussed too during this conversation. And then a brand new car was delivered to customer’s home within 72 hours. Delivery was carried out by the closest SEAT dealer. This campaign was rather short, although successful. But it shows SEAT’s goal of expanding the network of dealers and making ordering of the car easier.

It may be one of the biggest Amazon boxes you will see – it contains a brand new SEAT Mii by Mango. Image credit:

Car manufacturers have to stay on top of the latest trends in society. We have been shopping online for quite some time, but buying a car remained the same. Largely because of documentation and payment procedures. This SEAT campaign shows that all of this can be carried out online in a simple and reliable way, which means that it may as well be the car purchasing procedure of the future.

Source: SEAT

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