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Contactless Payments Using Any Regular Watch Or Fitness Tracker

Posted December 14, 2016

Sydney startup Inamo has developed the Curl, a wearable, waterproof device containing a prepaid NFC chip that can bring contactless payments to any regular watch or fitness band. You can wear it in the surf or pool, because it has a waterproof rubber case, that is easy attachable to any item like watch, fitness tracker or keyrings.

The wearable acts like a prepaid debit card, that is topped through an app or online account. To make a payment with the Curl, the user holds it over the top of a machine that accepts VISA Paywave for an instant transaction. There is an option to require a PIN for purchases over $100.

Lost or stolen Curls can be locked or canceled. The account can also be used to make secure purchases online with unlimited transactions and deposits. This is a solution for active people who just want to enjoy the outdoors and not carry their wallet.

Source: Inamo

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