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Volkswagen CC is no more – say welcome to the new Arteon

Posted November 30, 2016

Volkswagen Passat CC, which later dropped the Passat from its name, has been a surprisingly good looking car. However, recently brand announced that it will no longer make the CC. Although there has been some sadness expressed in the popular media, it was always clear that there will be a new car in its place. Now Volkswagen announced first details about it.

Volkswagen Arteon should be a substantial design statement when it comes out early next year. Image credit:

Volkswagen Arteon should be a substantial design statement when it comes out early next year. Image credit:

There is no denying that looks were extremely important for the image of the Volkswagen CC. It swooping roofline, rounded edges and modern looking interior design really made the car feel special. Stepping away from it Volkswagen will have to prepare something even more interesting and they already have a replacement for the CC. The new Volkswagen Arteon will debut in 2017 Geneva Motor Show, but now we can at least take a look at some drawings, which will show the new design language of the brand.

Arteon is said to be equipped with an innovative grille design – bars extend all the way into the three-dimensional front headlights. Of course, headlights themselves are going to be LED’s, but it is interesting in the way Volkswagen says that headlights will demonstrate “dominance”. Arteon will sit above Passat in the model range of Volkswagen and therefore, will be more expensive. It does, however, mean that the car will be more of a grand tourer rather than a family car.

Arteon will be a fastback, as was CC. However, it looks like its stance is going to be even more prominent. It is said that all four doors will have frameless windows, which is typical for a modern grand tourer. What is not so typical is the practical side, which is strongly emphasized by Volkswagen representatives. Tobias Sühlmann, Volkswagen Exterior Designer, explained: “At first sight, the Arteon arouses enthusiasm through its expressive design. It then surprises through its practical virtues. This combination is unique”. Arteon name is a combination of “art” and “eon”, which identifies it as a premium model (like “Phaeton”).

So far there is no technical information, but it is clear that Arteon will get the usual range of petrol and diesel engines as well a hybrid powertrain. It will be available in the summer 2017 and hopefully will look as good as promised – it has pretty big shoes to fill as the world liked CC very much.

Source: Volkswagen

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