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Connection of the laser to a laser engraver, a CNC machine, a plotter, and a 3D printer

Posted November 22, 2016

This article explains how to connect the laser of 1 W and more (1000 mW) to a laser engraver, a CNC machine, a plotter (MakeBlock Plotter XY 2.0, DIY), and a 3D printer (WanHao, Reprap, Ultimaker).

People often ask us how to connect a powerful laser to this or that CNC machine or plotter, if the circuit board of the device does not have a separate power supply for a laser, and the current going through the control board is minimal and does not exceed, for example, 0.5 A.

The DIY and MakeBlock engraver board is powered with 12 V and 0.5-1 А current, not more. 1W diode lasers require 1-2 А current and 12 V voltage; 5 W lasers and higher need more than 3 A.

To mount a more powerful laser on a plotter (such as a MakeBlock XY plotter 2.0 KIT) or on a small Neje engraver additional power supply is needed. It is possible to install a separate battery unit and a driver, for instance.

Endurance circuit MO 1 schematics


Connect the laser control to the МК and GND1 pins. The supplied voltage must not exceed 24 V. Connect the laser «+» to «+12V», the laser «-» to the «Drain» of the field transistor.

The GND1 and GND2 contacts may not be necessarily located on the same line. It is possible to use the «+12V» and «GND2» contacts of the lead-acid battery.

It is enough to have a bread board of 20х20 mm to place all the elements.

This circuit provides 12 V lasers with the current up to 5 A. Use the current powering the DIY or an additional battery unit.

The schematics connection


The laser «+» and «-» contacts are controlling and located at the top on the right-hand side of the circuit board picture of the NEJE engraver. Connect them to the «МК» and «GND1» contacts of the Endurance circuit MO 1.


You can place the Endurance circuit MO 1 board inside a telephone switch box like pictured above. When choosing wires, take into account the current stregnth depending on the laser power. A 5.6 W laser draws up to 3.5 А.

Connection of the Endurance circuit MO 1 schematics to a mini engraver Neje


Endurance schematics on a MakeBlock plotter XY 2.0


Anyone can assemble it independently.

We are happy to share useful technologies with the community of laser enthusiasts and laser engraving fans. But if you want to get a ready Endurance circuit MO 1 board, let us know, and we’ll send it to you.

Written by George Fomitchev, [email protected], skype: George.fomitchev,  +79162254302

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