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Bank Card That Changes Numbers Every Hour

Posted October 7, 2016

Bank cards are gatekeepers to our funds offering access to ATM’s and online shopping. They are targeted of fraudsters who steals or copy the card details to spend your cash. Someday stealing your card details may be pointless, because every hour it could be regenerated. Bank cards are going to be more intelligent by switching the 3-digit Card Security Code (CSC) to a new one in every hour.


Usually the CSC is printed code on the back of a card and you have to enter it during online checkout to help confirm the card is valid. It is easy for a fraudster to steal this number with those on the front of the card. French digital security company Oberthur Technologies came up with a solution called MotionCode, that replaces the permanent CSC with a tiny display, which shows a new 3 digit code every hour.

A card using MotionCode looks and acts the same as the typical cards, they just have a display on the back. The battery lasts beyond the expiry date of the card. To see card in action, watch video below.

Source: Oberthur

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