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Typhoon Turbine That Generates Power

Posted September 29, 2016

Wind turbines are green energy sources, but when it gets too windy it could be damaged. That really cuts down on their ability to produce guaranteed, regular energy as well as where you can choose to install them.

In Japan there are around 30 typhoons each year and about 10 of those on the  Japanese main islands. Standard typhoon wind speed is 130km/h, for the most violent increases to 200 km/h. Conventional wind turbines are designed to operate at average wind speeds of between 6-10m/s.

Atsushi Shimizu has created a typhoon turbine, which looks very much like an egg beater, that is capable of generating and storing a huge amount of energy. If properly utilized author believes a single typhoon would generate enough energy using his turbines to power Japan for 50 years.

The current design, which can be seen working in the video above, achieves 30% efficiency during simulations. Commercial wind turbines manage 40%, but they don’t function in typhoons or with unpredictable wind patterns. If his turbine is as promising as it sounds, there could be hundreds of them installed around Japan.

Source: CNN

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