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Lock That Allows Quick Access To a Gun

Posted September 29, 2016

Israeli startup Zore has developed a lock that provides quick access to a firearm. It is an effort to improve gun safety and quick access in any circumstances, including dark. Company focuses on maintaining ready access to the weapon in case of an emergency.

The lock is a like a regular single-dial combination lock, but can be fixed to a semi-automatic gun. Users can lock the weapon simply by pressing a button on top, which places a custom-made cartridge into the chamber to prevent it being loaded up.

To unlock the gun users enter a pin code by turning a dial on the side of the attachment. This user-defined pin code can be as short as two numbers, or longer. It can be unlocked regardless of the dial’s starting position or which direction it is turned, making it faster to unlock and ready-to-fire.

The lock also comes with a Bluetooth module that communicates with a companion app. A built-in motion sensor notifies when gun is tampered. It is powered with a replaceable CR2 battery that will last a year of use.

This lock project was funded in Indiegogo campaign surpassing more than 500% its initial goal. You can see this lock in action in the video below.

Source: Zore

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