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Gadgets That Will Make Your Home Even Smarter

Posted September 27, 2016

This article highlights some of the smart home platforms that have been developed together with companion applications that can be installed in various devices (such as handsets) and used to manage home devices.

Panasonic Ora


With Ora software platform in your house, you can put together all devices no matter how different is their operating systems or they are from different manufacturers. All appliances such as heating, lighting, cameras, motion sensors among others will be brought into one mobile device from which it can be operated and customized. This will make your home cozy!

SmartThings platform


This comes with a “live-in translator” Hub which you can connect to the internet router. It has both Z-Wave and ZigBee radios and is compatible with devices that are IP accessible therefore you can add so many devices to present your home in a more customized way. This platform comes with a Windows, iOS and Android app in which all the devices can be controlled.



HomeChat enables the homeowners to chat with SmartThings support center by sending a message via a Smart Diagnosis feature installed in it. One can easily access help from the help center in case of troubleshooting problems. It also has an energy conservation feature which spots when the power usage in the homeowner’s area is at its lowest so that the devices can switch to low power consumption modes. Also, include in this platform are the refrigerator and electric oven.

Elgato Eve Room


This is an indoor wireless sensor that enables the homeowners to maintain tabs under indoor temperature, air quality, and humidity within their homes without having a hub, gateway or a bridge. It connects to an accompanying app on the iPad or iPhone through Bluetooth Smart technology.

FlowCloud by Imagination Technologies


Imagination Technologies help you connect your appliances to the internet to simplify their registration and updates.

IDevices Switch


This deals in a line of products such as iDevices Socket, Wall Switch, Wall Outlet and Dimmer switch. These products can be connected to HomeKit technology which allows the users to remotely control their home lights, thermostats, and outlets from their handsets.

Spanos K1 SmartHome DIY


K1 is a smart home gateway kit that enables the users to connect to about fifty accessories to the platform. Devices such as cameras, locks, environmental sensors and alarm detectors are all put together and controlled from wall round aluminum discs.

TurkCell Smart Gateways


TurkCell is a provider of wireless chipsets solutions for congregated communications. These include Ultra-Low Energy Technology which can be applied in home networking to enable IoT smart home appliances to make your home look awesome.

Kevo Smart Lock


Kwikset’s Kevo Smart Lock has a companion app in which the homeowners can set up or delete eKeys in their smartphones. All the appliances can be accessed and managed from this app. The app can be shared with friends whom the users would wish to access the devices together. Kevo enables users to track and know when the keys are locked or unlocked.

GoControl Smart Home Products


The GoControl smart home line-up encompasses premium smart solutions that can hold appliances such as lighting, security, climate all of which can be accessed from smart garage door controllers, smart light switches, and smart thermostats. These products can work together with other smart home hubs which are compatible with Z-Wave radios to make your home look beautiful.

Additional Information That Could be Useful: Roles of Linear Actuators in Home Automation

Force linear actuators can be used in home automation to put together appliances such as the switches, heating appliances and cameras in a linear motion which will enable homeowners to easily control and manage from smart home platforms.

Linear actuators play many roles in home automation. Actuators can be connected with swimming pool valves so as to control water flow remotely. They are also used to control atmospheric conditions to avoid fire outbreaks that could be caused by flammable air. Hydraulic actuators are used in controlling water pumps.

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