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Answering doorbell while driving – soon in Volkswagen infotainment systems

Posted September 6, 2016

We have all been there – we wait for someone to come for a long time, decide that they are not coming and leave to the city. And then we get a call, saying that they are at the door. Situation would be a mere annoyance if it is just your friends, but it really ruins your day if it is things you bought online. Now there is a solution.

DoorBird was well-received as a smartphone technology, but now it will be working in Volkswagen infotainment system as well. Image credit:

DoorBird was well-received as a smartphone technology, but now it will be working in Volkswagen infotainment system as well. Image credit:

Volkswagen has partnered with DoorBird, the Berlin-based start-up, and Hörmann, the gate and door manufacturer, to allow its drivers to communicate with people at the door. So when the delivery guy comes, rings the doorbell and realizes no one is at home, he does not leave with your long-awaited parcel. This system essentially connects your door to your car’s infotainment system and should prevent failed deliveries when no one is at home.

This system is genius in its simplicity. So a delivery guy (or just any visitor) rings your doorbell and your car immediately notifies you that someone is at the door, even if you are driving. Then you can communicate with the guest and in the future you will even be able to unlock the house or garage door to let the person in. It does not even matter where you are and you will not even need to touch a phone to do so, so it is safe to do while driving. Volkswagen says that this idea is not entirely new, but it is the first time ever such communication has been achieved in a moving car.

Of course, in order for the system to work perfectly, all the right components have to be used. For example, it has to be DoorBird video door phone. It has been created to connect the doorbell to your phone and to let people in. It has an HD camera, high-end motion sensor and a microphone. It was well received and, because it is possible to see what people are doing after you let them in, it is considered safe. Of course, you should not use your phone while driving, which is why Door Bird app should be used with the Volkswagen Car-Net App-Connect, which brings the app to your infotainment system. Finally, smart Hörmann doors are the final component of the system. Hörmann doors and garage gates are world-famous and have representatives in more than 30 countries.

This system was first shown in a concept form in January this year, but not it is working in every car with Mirror Link technology. Now Volkswagen will introduce it at the IFA (Internationale Funkausstellung) in Berlin.


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