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Three Wheel Electric Vehicle

Posted August 29, 2016

Valene Black Mamba is a three-wheel electric vehicle designed with high performance combined with a safety and comfort. For safety, both acceleration and top speed are electronically limited. The top speed on all models will be limited to 250 km/h. The drivetrain software specifically adjusts the torque of the rear wheel to prevent spin and maintain grip continuously during fast acceleration. In-hub motor is fitted to the rear wheel, with a power range from 80 kW up to 600 kW.



Battery packs come in 15, 30 and 50 kWh which affords ranges between 180 and 500 km on one charge.

The car has a skeleton of seamless steel tubing, and the legs of both driver and passenger are positioned well behind the front axle. The composite body has “memory properties” which will avoid damage from low-speed bumps and knocks.

The car should be smartphone-activated and the company hopes to manufacture and distribute from 2017. Price is expected to start at €35,000.


  • Ultra-lightweight full electric 3-wheel sports car
  • Electric motors ranging from 80kW to 600kW
  • Up to 500 km autonomy on a single charge (with 50kWh battery pack)
  • DC fast charging support, with optional HyperCharging compatibility (AC/DC Charger integrated)
  • Steel and aerospace aluminum chassis with optional titanium alloy elements
  • Regenerative braking and high-performance disk brakes on each wheel
  • Composite material body
  • Driver identification system with keyless operation
  • Advanced multimedia system with optional Clarion Full Digital Sound System
  • Full-LED lighting throughout
  • Highly customizable
  • Dimensions 3.71 x 1.98 x 1.10 m




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