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Smart Shoes That Improves Golf Game

Posted August 29, 2016

IOFIT shoes is a smart shoes that helps golfers quickly improve their game by analyzing swing and provide instant feedback through a mobile app. The pressure sensors are embedded in the outsole. Once they’re connected to the companion app, the system uses a posture analysis algorithm to measure changes in pressure distribution as they happen. The app will lay out information about which foot is being favored, whether there’s more pressure on the front or rear of each foot, and how weight is being transferred through the ball. Based on this information, the app provides feedback about what elements of the swing need changing.



There’s an option to practice an improved swing, and receive feedback on how consistent those practice swings were. There’s even an option to share the results with coaches or friends through the app.

Currently this project is funded on Kickstarter. If all goes as planned, shoes will be shipped from February 2017.

The promo video is below.


Source: Kickstarter

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