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PIN-controlled Self-locking Gun

Posted August 11, 2016

Startup Safety First Arms created a self-locking Smart 2 pistol, which is unlocked using a built-in PIN pad. It also incorporates an anti-theft alarm to prevent theft, tampering, and unauthorized use. It can be left loaded and ready on a bedside table without the danger of theft or mishandling. The pistol currently is in the prototype phase and consists of 9mm pistol.

The pistol has integrated PIN pad similar to the hotel room safes. A three to five-digit PIN unlocks the gun in under a second. Another safety is on the back of the grip that relocks the gun automatically in a third of a second if it is released. So it becomes harmless if it’s mislaid or wrested from the owner.

Smart 2 pistol has another feature, which is detects motion and monitors keypad. If the gun is moved and a PIN isn’t entered, it sounds a loud alarm.

There’s also a 12-hour unlock mode to turn it into a conventional firearm for a limited time. The battery has a long-life that warns when it’s time for replacement and sounds an alarm if ignored.

Company says that the pistol  will be available in about two years,it has already secured $1 million in orders from two gun shops. The estimated price is about $1,300. The video below introduces the Smart 2 pistol.



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