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Automatic Rollover Protection System

Posted August 10, 2016

Quad bike’s short wheelbase and narrow track makes it prone to rollovers. To keep riders safe and not being crushed during an accident a Spanish team has created an Air-Rops system which automatically deploys rollover protection when it detects a roll.

An automatic rollover protection system is designed to expand when it detects a rollover. The system relies on an accelerometer, gyroscope and inclinometer. When a vehicle reaches that point, the hoop extends upwards and outwards to create a large safe space in 150 milliseconds. Inside the hoop’s corrosion-resistant metal frame, there’s a triggering device, gas generator and a latching mechanism (similar to the car airbags).

The control unit has been designed with redundant channels built in, if one element fails it should react to the rollover. A background warning system, which tells drivers when something’s not working. A backup battery is fitted to make sure an electrical system failure doesn’t stop the hoop activating.

The Air-Rops team received interest from tractor dealers and agricultural companies and is currently focused on developing the ECU to meet functional safety standards with the hopes of getting the system on the market at the end of 2018.

The video below provides an overview of the system.

Source: Air-Rops

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