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Drone That Detects And Clears Explosive Devices

Posted August 9, 2016

Around the world there are loads of forgotten land mines that are triggered by civilians every day, A Kickstarter project wants to change that. The drone is designed to fly across minefields, detecting the explosive devices and clearing them. The drone has six rotors connected to a central stalk that can carry a camera, mine detection hardware, or a small grasper.

  • First, camera maps the area and marks dangerous obstacles that drone needs to avoid.
  • Next, drone flies over the terrain with a mine detector, spots a mine and marks the location using GPS.
  • Finally, the grasper is used to place a small detonator and the charge is set off remotely to destroy the mine.

The creators believe it could be possible to clear all the minefields in 10 years. They say, that a Drone is apparently 20 times faster than traditional mine removal techniques, and as much as 200 times cheaper.

The video is below.


Source: Kickstarter

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