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Hyundai aims to replace paper user’s manuals with augmented reality technology

Posted August 5, 2016

Virtual and augmented realities are not considered future anymore – they are already being used in a variety of fields. Hyundai says that augmented reality is silently revolutionizing driving and car owning experiences as well. Korean car manufacturer is talking about its new Hyundai Virtual Guide app, which replaces old paper user manuals.

The idea is simple, elegant and extremely useful. Image credit:

The idea is simple, elegant and extremely useful. Image credit:

This program relies on augmented reality technology, which, as is stressed by Hyundai itself, is much different than virtual reality. Augmented reality, unlike the virtual one, does not replace our normal surroundings. Instead, the user can see some pictures or video overlaid on physical objects in his hand-held smart device. Therefore, Hyundai Virtual Guide app is here to replace old-school paper manuals, which, quite frankly, look a bit funny thinking that cars nowadays are pretty much computers on wheels. This application allows Hyundai owners to use their smartphones or tablets to get information about how to do basic maintenance.

The basic principle of the augmented reality user’s manual is so simple it is genius. Users simply have to select the area of the car in the app, then point their device’s camera at that part of their car and in the screen they will see all the needed information. App will recognize the details of the vehicle, whether it is under the bonnet, outside or inside of the car. Clicking on one of the labels, which will appear on the screen, will guide users to a how-to video or a simple text description with illustrations. This smart manual, as always, includes such procedures as checking the oil, changing the air filter, pairing with Bluetooth and using cruise control.

This simple app is already getting positive feedback as it was showcased at this year’s CES. It is a fresh wind into the car ownership side currently dominated by paper manuals, which are both slower and less convenient than this app. One of many advantages of using the  new Hyundai Virtual Guide app is that it can be updated with more features added, while paper books, obviously, remain the same.

Cars are becoming extremely clever. In fact, so clever, it is hard to set them up and use them, which is why user’s manuals are needed. Having a paper manual for as extremely technologically advanced car is funny, this is why Hyundai’s idea is such an elegant and simple solution.

Source: Hyundai

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