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Ford F-Series Super Duty pickup truck gets a new transformable cup holder

Posted August 3, 2016

Usually it would be an extremely bad topic for a technology and science website, but this time we can make an exception. Good, innovative design has to be praised, especially when it is so unbelievably simple yet so important that a company fills a patent to protect it. We are talking about a new cup holder design Ford introduced in its 2017 Ford F-Series Super Duty pickup truck.

The cup holder in a normal configuration. Image credit:

The cup holder in a normal configuration. Image credit:


There is no denying that cup holders are important. Not only they are a convenient space to keep our drinks, but they are also a safety device – drivers are much more likely to use both of their hands for driving when one is not occupied by a coffee mug, but cup holders prevent spills too. There is also no denying that a good beverage while driving is important too, especially for those, who drive as a job. It all becomes very clear when you look how much effort automotive companies put into designing a simple cup holder. Ford just got a patent for a unique cup holder design – this device can usually store two cups, but can easily transform into a four cup holder.

However, the top of the cup holder can be moved left, transforming the storage space into two additional cup holders, if needed. Sliding the panel back to the right reveals the storage space, which may be needed as it is a pickup truck nevertheless.

Cup holder prepared to hold four cups. Image credit:

Cup holder prepared to hold four cups. Image credit:

Ford is paying exceptional attention to detail when constructing its utility vehicles. With the addition of the new patented cup holder, the new Ford F-Series Super Duty pickup truck has a total of ten cup holders. Doug Scott, Ford truck group marketing manager, said: “Hard working Super Duty customers love having cup holders and storage close at hand. This innovative and transformable cup holder is another insightful example of how the Ford Truck Team knows truck customers better than anyone else”.

There may not be a lot of technology involved, but it does show how much effort can be spent on such a seemingly unimportant detail as a cup holder.

Source: Ford

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