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Foldable Fat-wheel 2WD Russian Motorcycle

Posted August 3, 2016

1-P1060274The Tarus 2×2 is a lightweight, two-wheel drive motorbike that pulls apart in minutes to fit in the trunk of a car. This fat wheel bike can crawl through all kinds of slush and mud.

The company offers any motor to put inside, from the recommended Honda GX210 to an ultra-lightweight chainsaw motor, depending on what you want to go for, performance or weight. With 210cc engine it weighs about 82 kg, with a smaller motor you can get it under 60 kg. Tire pressures need to be kept low, not much higher than 3 psi,

The rigid front end geometry makes it easy to implement two-wheel drive, with a second chain drive running down to the front wheel, but the company doesn’t give any details on how a system chooses to proportion power to the front and rear wheels. The gearbox appears to be a two-speed, with a top speed of 35 km/h.

You can wash this bike off by floating it in a river and giving it a bit of throttle, because of the air in the fat tires this bike won’t sink. Utility racks on the front and rear are handy for carrying things about. The bike comes apart in about five minutes into a series of bits. The wheels pop out, the front end hinges off with the release of a single bolt.

The cost is around 75,000 Russian roubles, or a little over $1,100 per bike. Video below shows it in action:



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