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SEAT showcases the abilities of the new Ateca in a creative marketing campaign

Posted August 2, 2016

Safe driving includes being very attentive. Driver always has to keep an eye on the road and even a slight distraction may cause a big accident. However, marketing team of the Spanish car manufacturer SEAT had a bit different idea. In order to advertise the new Ateca SUV they invited people to drive the car without seeing through the windows.

You may never have to drive with all windows covered, but at least you know you could in the new SEAT Ateca. Image credit:

You may never have to drive with all windows covered, but at least you know you could in the new SEAT Ateca. Image credit:

Obviously, it is not a good idea to try that out by yourself in the city. Therefore, a closed urban circuit was organized and an instructor was in the car all the time. SEAT selected completely random people for the experiment – they approached a couple of German tourists in Barcelona and asked to volunteer for the test. Despite being sceptical, Stefan agreed to take on the challenge. Of course, there is no magic involved – it is all clever technology of the new SEAT Ateca that helped Stefan through the challenge.

SEAT’s new SUV is equipped with four cameras. This system offers the driver a 360-degree view around the car. Of course, this system was created for other reasons than driving with all windows covered. For example, bird’s eye view allows precisely parking the car in tight spots or manoeuvring through traffic on narrow roads. However, in this challenge, it was used differently in order to promote the new car.

Stefan easily dealt with the task, driving within the lines. He was watching car’s position at the screen. It allowed him to go in reverse, forward, turn around curves and more. It is all like a video game, but it does show how useful these technologies are.

It is just a marketing move. However, from the technology point of view it is very interesting, because cameras allow placing the car precisely even in real life situations. On the other hand, car advertising campaigns have to be interesting too, and this is definitely one of the good examples.

Source: Seat

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