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NASA plans to launch StarShade spacecraft to image new Earths

Posted August 2, 2016

NASA has developed and patented StarShade spacecraft to image new Earths. The patent is titled “Method of modeling and simulation of shaped external occulters.”

Image credit: NASA

Image credit: NASA

The spacecraft will be launched as a single unit. Once in space, it will split into two units – The StarShade and the telescope.

The startshade opens up into a shape of a flower. StarShade will blocks the light from bright stars and help the telescope to find and image distant exoplanets. Starshade is analogous to holding your hand up to the sun to block it while taking a picture of somebody. NASA’s research concluded that the flower shape is the optimum shape for a star occulator. The shape of the petals, when seen from far away, creates a softer edge that causes less bending of light waves. NASA tested various shapes using big pin-hole cameras.

Source: PatentYogi

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