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Expanding Stylish Yacht Creates A Large Terrace For Sunbathing And Swimming

Posted August 2, 2016

The Italian-built Evo 43 is a stylish yacht that aft sections of its bulwark expands outward to create a large terrace for sunbathing and swimming. It is a composition of quick an spacious lounging,


The 13.1m Evo is a powerful day cruiser designed of muscular blend of fiberglass, teak, glass and leather. The buyer has a choice of three different dual-engine options, offering between 740 and 1,100 hp of total output. Evo lists top speed at 38 knots (70 km/h) and cruising speed is 30 knots (56 km/h). The 1,000L fuel tank is good for 300 nautical miles (556 km).

The Evo 43 features the hydraulic bulwarks around the aft platform extend outward at the touch of a mobile device or onboard control panel, stretching the maximum beam from 4.5 m to 6.3 m. In about 30 seconds floor panels automatically fold out as the sides move, seamlessly expanding total usable space by 40 percent.

Evo has also affixed a pneumatically-operated platform at the stern. It raises out and swings nearly down with accompanying steps, allowing passengers to climb up to a dive platform or step down onto a bathing platform.

The available mobile app controls the hydraulic bulwarks and provides smart automation around the boat. It works to turn on the onboard lighting, open the anchor locker, adjust the height of the indoor and outdoor tables. Those features can also be controlled from the control panel.

Evo was launched in 2015 and began showing the 43 at various yacht and boat shows. It doesn’t list official pricing, but past reports from other publications put starting price around $750,000.

A video below takes you behind the scenes and shows the 43.

Source: Evo Yachts

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