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Swim Meter That Talks To You Underwater

Posted August 1, 2016

People who are seriously into swimming use watches to track stats such as stroke numbers and lap numbers. The problem is that you have to stop and look at them. Marlin is a head-worn system that delivers data verbally, via a bone conduction earpiece. It’s waterproof main control unit is attached the user’s goggle strap and it’s hard-wired to the earpiece.0-1

The device’s motion sensors keep track of the user’s stroke rate, lap time, lap number and total swim time. This information is delivered to user’s earpiece after every turn. In open water mode it uses GPS to keep track of whether or not the swimmer is staying on course. In accompanying iOS/Android app users can enter a course and the voice will tell if they veer off-course.

One charge of the lithium battery should work for up to 10 hours of use in the pool, or five hours when using the GPS feature. Marlin is currently the subject of a Kickstarter campaign, where a pledge of $80 will get backers a system – assuming the funding goal is met.

More information is available in the video below:

Source: Kickstarter

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