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DIY: Engraving and Marking of Manufactures

Posted July 31, 2016

Many firms and companies have need to mark their products. As a rule, they use stickers, but sometimes there is need to make a more durable marking.

A sticker tends to fade, to ware away, to lose its original look. And it’s not always easy to stick it, especially if an item to be marked is small.

Usually a marking contains the name of the product or its code and the index number.

It is possible to use a laser engraver to mark a small detail. It is rational to use a laser engraver when a run of items is more than 10 a day.

It is important that an item to be marked fits well on a worktable of a laser engraver.

Worktables of laser engravers varies from 4*4 inches to 12 * 16 inches, as in MakeBlock plotter XY 2.0.

The minimal grain for diode laser engraving is 0,1 mm (it is important to use a lens of high quality able to create a beam of this size) that is a good feature. It is possible to make almost an invisible engraving on plastic with this size of grain. It is possible to engrave complicated codes and ciphers, figures and letters.

As an example we made engravings on connectors for a customer. It took us not more than 15 seconds. The result looks neat.

Diode lasers of 2 W – 5 W are real practical tools to mark items made of plastic and metal.


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