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Lamp Powered By A Solar Energy

Posted July 29, 2016

Suli is a simple and versatile lamp powered by a solar energy brings light to everyone from outdoor people to living off the electrical grid. You can screw it into a bottle to create a simple lamp, mount it to a bicycle, hang on the backpack and etc.

The light disc offers up to 25 lumens and up to 60 hours of runtime through five modes. It is powered by  a supplied three AAA batteries, which are recharged via the solar panel on the back. It is estimated from 6 to 12 hours of charging under the sun.

There are the accompanying lineup of 3D-printed accessories that gives it a personality. There is a bike mount to fit the light to your handlebars, a suction mount to stick it to a window, and a transparent stake to light up the garden.

The company held a successful Indiegogo campaign a year ago and Part of it business plan is to work with the open source community to develop additional accessories, so it also offers a free DIY 3D printing file.

The video shows the Suli being put to its multiple uses.


Source: SuliLab

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