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Group-talk Technology Keeps Groups Connected During Action Sports

Posted July 28, 2016

When you are into an extreme sport, reaching into the pocket to answer the phone might not be the best option. Bonx is an alternative, attached to your ear and working with an accompanying app to streamline communications in the field, on the water, in the snow and etc. It aims to keep groups of skiers, snowboarders and bikers better connected than a smartphone alone.

There is developed the outdoor-specific Grip Bluetooth headset and accompanying group-talk app, that lets you set up of up to 10 people and automatically finds local users. Once you have your group set up, you remain in constant contact anywhere you have cellular reception. It works like an always-ready wearable VoIP walkie-talkie, allowing you to talk even if your hands are busy.

The dual-microphone design and “multi-layered wind-noise reduction” tech are aimed at cancelling out background noise, it might be important in the stormy environs. It has large mute and volume buttons for easy adjustment and is water- and shock-resistant.

This project has raised more than $69,000 on Indiegogo, with more than 20 days remaining to reach its funding goal of $100.000. An early bird pledge of $78 will get you one. An estimated shipping is in November this year.

The video below provides a closer look and shows the Bonx system in action during several types of sports.

Source: Indiegogo

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