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Convert Any Skateboard To An Electric One

Posted July 27, 2016

1-280d9103a30a44d9209b70c3c800dbd8_originalElectric skateboards are fun for short-distance transportation, but they tend to be quite expensive. Add-on electric drives make things a little cheaper, especially letting you electrify your own board, maybe an old skateboard. Unlimited’s Eon Electric Skateboard Powertrain electrifies various shapes and sizes of board, it lets you choose between one or two battery packs and motors to get the perfect blend of range, power and capability. Unlimited has used its 1,000-watt, wheel-integrated motors and 99 Wh lithium-ion battery packs as building blocks for three different packages:

Speed Range Weight Hill Climbing
Solo 35 km/h 12 km 1.5 kg 9% grade
Cruiser 35 km/h 24 km 2.1 kg 9% grade
R 35 km/h 24 km 2.9 kg 20% grade

The basic Solo kit gives you a single wheel motor and battery pack. If your are looking for more range can step up to the Cruiser, that has two battery packs. The R kit, has two wheel motors and two battery packs.

Charging time is estimated at 75 minutes with the included 2 A charger. A regenerative braking feature provides progressive braking and helps extend the battery life. Unlimited says total mounting time for an any kit is around 15 minutes. A pocket-sized handheld remote control with OLED screen is included in all kits.

This project has raised more than €99,000 on Kickstarter, reaching the initial €100,000 goal with 30 days remaining. The crowdfunding promo video is below:


Source: Kickstarter


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