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Most Efficient Electric Vehicle

Posted July 26, 2016

In July 16 of 2016 the TUfast Eco Team achieved the Guinness World Record for the most efficient electric vehicle. The car was modified from TUfast eLi14, initially created for the 2014 Shell Eco Marathon. For more efficiency, the motor was upgraded with a custom controller, revised magnet placement, silver wire coils, the original rims made way for a new set and accompanied by ultra-low friction bearings.


In the first run the team managed an average energy use of 1142 km/kWh.Then they tweaked the speed controller and tire pressure. In the second run the team managed to achieve a major improvement, despite a stronger wind. The final result: 1232 km/kWh or 10956 km per litre of 95 octane gasoline (by caloric value). In units more familiar to motorists that is about 0.009l per 100km.

An Audi video about the record attempt is below. It is in German language.

Source: TUfast

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