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Blink controlled camera

Posted July 26, 2016

2-a7e5ee_9ed32145f3454aa59fd197397cd14261-mv2_d_4250_2833_s_4_2Everybody experiences that awkward situation in life, when missed the moment of perfect shot of kid, sunset or dog. Blincam is designed to help capture images when you otherwise might have missed them because your hands were full, or didn’t have your smartphone camera at the ready.

Blincam attaches to a set of glasses and the rectangular camera unit connects to a smartphone via Bluetooth and images can also be saved to a microSD card. The camera’s eye movement sensor is able to distinguish a deliberate blink from natural ones. The battery is charged via microUSB cable and all unit weighs just 25 g.

The project is currently the subject of the Makuake, a crowdfunding platform. You can see the system in action in the video below.


Source: Makuake

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