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FarmBot – An Open Source Robot That Grows Vegetables

Posted July 25, 2016

1-943962_979991568755937_6771329722782099719_nFarmBot Genesis is a small scale robot constructed from aluminum, is driven by 17 motors, an Arduino and a Raspberry Pi 2 host computer. It can vary in size from a planting area as little as 1m2 to greater than 50m2, while accommodating a maximum plant height of about 1m. With modifications to some of the structural component sizes and an alternative X-direction drive system, the Genesis concept could likely scale up to a 1000m2 planting area and a maximum plant height greater than 2m.

There’s a drag-and-drop interface that lets you lay out your garden. Plants are automatically spaced and growing regimens can be applied upon planting. It has a cleverly designed head that it can fit with a number of different tools. When it’s time to plant, it snaps on the seed injector, a needle-like attachment that pokes seeds down to the appropriate depth. The soil tester’s fangs let it keep tabs on moisture levels.

1Vegetables and weeds are bound to spring up. A camera attachment lets FarmBot pinpoint the locations of unwanted weed and suppressor pounds it into the soil. You can place a FarmBot in the yard or rooftop and supply the seeds, water, and power. Also you can hook up solar cells and modify the design so that it draws water from rain barrels leaving to the nature take care of the rest.

FarmBot is an open source project, so you can build one for yourself. You can find everything you need – the files  for 3D-print parts, the software that runs, the crop info, on



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