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Skyactiv-Vehicle Dynamics – Mazda’s attempts to enhance driving experience

Posted July 19, 2016

Japanese car manufacturer Mazda is famous for affordable, yet reliable and fun cars. It always seems as if this company strives to be the first to try something new or to do something others consider not viable. Now Mazda decided to expand its technologies behind the Skyactiv name, which now refers to company‘s engines. Skyactiv-Vehicle Dynamics is a new family of technologies for engine, body, chassis and transmission of a car.

G-Vectoring Control should make the ride smoother, car more manoeuvrable and more responsive. Image credit:

G-Vectoring Control should make the ride smoother, car more manoeuvrable and more responsive. Image credit:

All of the new technologies have one goal in common – contributing to Jinba-ittai feel, which is defined as “a sense of connectedness between car and driver”. The first technology in this new Skyactiv-Vehicle Dynamics family is G-Vectoring Control. Mazda says it will be introduced in the new updated Mazda 3. G-Vectoring Control essentially is torque vectoring, which has been seen in many other new cars. However, it is not that simple, as Mazda’s technology works in a different way and aims to enhance driving experience rather than just make the car quicker.

G-Vectoring Control was born from the idea of using the engine to enhance chassis performance – it is the first control system, which varies engine torque in response to steering inputs in efforts to optimize lateral and longitudinal forces as car accelerates and to control the load on each wheel. The result is smooth and efficient ride. Driver does not need to make as many steering corrections, car has more traction and does not move around as much, which means that it is more comfortable for the passengers too.

This system will be useful for all drivers in all scenarios, not only for thrill seekers in racing tracks. Mazda says it will be equally useful in low-speed urban traffic as well as emergency manoeuvres. Furthermore, although now this system is being introduced in Mazda 3, it is very versatile and will be implemented in other vehicles from the company also. Because of its focus on driving experience, it should suit brand’s sportscars very well.

It is interesting to see Mazda introduce new technologies. The world is waiting for a new rotary-powered sportscar, but all technological news are leading closer to the debut of the new car. We can only wait and see what other technologies will be applied under Skyactiv-Vehicle Dynamics vision.

Source: Mazda

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