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Top 5 IoT Products of 2016

Posted July 15, 2016

When we talk about an internet fridge or a smart toothbrush, we know we are talking about the IoT. Today, IoT is turning everyday objects into the gold of data collection. IoT gadgets can measure the real time weather, calculate your heart beat every second, the number of passengers on board of a train, the quality and length of your night sleep, etc. There are so many things to discuss on IoT (Internet of Things), but due to a little time we have, I will straight forward discuss the Top 5 IoT Products of 2016.

1) Medical Alert Watch

Health is the very first aspect of everyone’s life, most probably. There are many situations in life occurred when we get it difficult to track the health of our elderly relatives and there are quite a few occasions when they have to live on their own. For such conditions, the Medical Alert Watch from Lively will help you the most.

Lively has made this smartwatch which allows you to monitor the health of your loved ones remotely. It comes with a safety button, when this button is pushed, you will get a support from a live operator to provide emergency services. It allows the sensors to be placed around your home to help the system to learn their routine habits like taking their daily medicines and opening and closing the refrigerator. Check the features of Lively Medical Watch below:

  • It has one-push emergency response button
  • Comes with a stylish design and easy-to-read display
  • Reminds when the medicines are not taken by the person
  • Waterproof design makes it usable in     shower and bath
  • No need to recharge comes with long-lasting and replaceable battery
  • Count daily steps to keep track of healthy living
  • Comes in ten different colors to match your style
  • You can call up to 3 emergency contacts before the emergency services are dispatched

2) IoT-enabled Dress

On the floor of CES 2016, Intel has shown it’s IoT-focused design called as “Adrenaline Dress”. The dress is having a ‘3D-printed’ carbon fiber design on the back. It can be expanded or contracted similar to the butterfly wings. It is designed to impersonate the flight-or-fight response of an animal. It seems strange that a dress powered by IoT, but Intel has created this garment application for the Internet of Things.

The adrenaline dress from Intel is the latest addition to the unexpected genre for the newest of wearable technology. The dress is born to respond the adrenal function and stress or temperature level of the wearer; it changes it shape according to this. The Curie module from Intel is featured with Bluetooth Low Energy and a 6-axis combo sensor. The sensor includes accelerometers and gyroscopes. Intel has really taken the dressing to the next level with the help of IoT.

3) The new way of home shopping – Amazon Dash Button

The days are gone when we imagine of buying a product by sitting in our home garden with a click of a button. This thing is happening in reality. You can ‘order the items with a single click’ for the products you want in your home. The amazing thing about it is, each of your family members can use it easily to add new items to your AmazonFresh shopping cart.

The Amazon Dash connects with the WiFi network of your home and directly works with your AmazonFresh account. You can speak or scan items into your dash and view them later on your mobile or desktop to buy and schedule the product delivery. Amazon has literally brought an evolution in online shopping.

4) Your voice-activated personal assistant – Raspberry Pi Amazon Echo

We know about the capability and functionality of Raspberry Pi. It is one of the most flexible, low-cost, super-powered computers out there. The thing which many of you may not know is, you can turn your Raspberry Pi into a great IoT device. The ability to attach sensors with the Pi device becomes easier with the launch of the latest Raspberry Pi 3 model B with a built-in WiFi and Bluetooth. This allows you to add even more components to your Pi model, the most advanced and best option is to attach Amazon Echo with it.

The popularity of Amazon Echo is not hidden from the people all over the world. And Amazon has recently launched the upgraded version named as Echo Dot. By attaching Amazon Echo with your Raspberry Pi device, you will get service of your own voice-activated personal assistant.

5) Warm your feet and lace up your shoes automatically with Smart Shoes

What will you feel if you have shoes that tighten automatically and can warm your feet up to 1oo degrees by using an app? Don’t believe? I also got the same feeling when I heard about this for the first time. But, Digitsole has actually made the smart shoes which can be dubbed as “World’s first intelligent footwear”.

These smart shoes from Digitsole have sensors and heaters in the sole which are controlled by a companion app. The shoes come with a self-fastening mechanism which makes you free from bending down to tighten your own shoes! The Digitsole smart shoes can heat up your feet up to 100 degrees, the process of which can be controlled by an app. Not only this, the shoes can also count the calories you burnt and the distance traveled by you in a specific time and shows the data on the companion app.


IoT is surely the next big technology revolution. There is an estimation of spending of above $235 billion on IoT this year by getting over 6.4 billion IoT devices. This shows the importance of IoT in our routine life. There are so many devices are or will hit the market this year, I have listed the above Top 5 IoT Products of 2016. Let me and other readers know which IoT product from or out of the list has attracted or excited you the most in the comment section below.

Written by Pandya Mandip, Best On Internet.

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