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Chinese Robotic Parking System Saves Up To 40% Space

Posted July 7, 2016

Increased number of cars in every big city is becoming a difficulty to find a parking space. Yeefung Automation Technology, based in Shenzhen, China, is developing a robot that can park your car into smaller spaces than any human, saving up to 40% of the space currently allotted to a car. The robot needs just two minutes to park a vehicle, and has 360 degrees mobility and will utilize space better than humans.

The robot uses powerful lift motors to pick up cars after sliding underneath. With the vehicle held aloft, it uses lasers to line up with an empty spot and guide the car in. All the spots are defined by metal rails where the vehicle’s tires rest and it makes easier for the robot to line up to park and retrieve a vehicle. These spots are much narrower than those currently used. Two cars can be almost touching in a parking lot as the robot can lift and move in and out.

The robot are expected to cost about $150,000. The robot could make much better use of available parking space in garages, and it knows where empty spaces are thanks to computerized tracking system for available spots.

Source: Reuters


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