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Amazon is developing Weebo from the movie “Flubber”

Posted July 5, 2016

A recent patent reveals that Amazon is working on drones that can operate indoors (homes or office buildings) something like Weebo from the movie Flubber.

These drones automatically deploy to provide temporary lighting, audio input, audio output, video input, video output, a wireless network, a wireless network access point, etc.

But certainly they can be programmed to do more things for you. It can do some of your chores at home. Fetch you drinks from refrigerator. Typically, these drones will rest in a recovery location (such a garage).

They can also be deployed in outdoor locations like stadiums. Mutliple drones can coordinate in such locations. For example, some drones provide emergency lighting while other drones provide audible output (e.g., audible directions to an exit).

Source: PatentYogi

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