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Toyota adds child models to its virtual crash simulator

Posted July 4, 2016

A year ago we wrote about Toyota‘s Total Human Model for Safety (THUMS) and how it started taking into account the posture of the occupants of the vehicle. However, Toyota never stopped advancing this virtual crash simulation technology and now decided to expand its range of dummies. Now company will be able to conduct virtual crash tests involving children models.

Line-up of crash dummies has been expanded to accommodate tests of crashes involving small children. Image credit:

Line-up of crash dummies has been expanded to accommodate tests of crashes involving small children. Image credit:

Cars must be safe to travel for everyone. The challenge is to design such safety equipment, which protects tall adults and short children equally. Real crash tests are extremely helpful in this endeavour, but very expensive and time consuming. This is where virtual testing comes to save the day. THUMS can simulate crashes in high detail, which allows predicting what kind of injuries would be sustained in a particular scenario. Now Toyota added three new models to the dummy line-up: ten-year old (138cm tall), six-year old (118cm tall) and three-year old (94cm tall).

THUMS has been started in 2000 and now there are five versions of it. It can predict injuries in high details, because of how detailed test dummies are. In fact, it is so advanced that even famous NASCAR uses it. It is not a system developed by Toyota for Toyota purposes only. THUMS is available for purchase through the Tokyo-based JSOL Corporation and ESI Japan.  It is used by a huge variety of car manufacturers, part manufacturers and universities. Therefore, addition of small children to the line-up of dummies should help further developing such safety systems as smart seatbelts air airbags. Furthermore, some child-specific safety gear can be developed and tested using THUMS as well as scientists and automotive industry professionals are still exploring possibilities provided by the system.

Entire automotive industry is striving to create the future where none of the accidents would cause serious injuries of deaths. Crash tests – both real and virtual – are a key component in these efforts. Toyota is already planning further improvements for the THUMS. Company is going to add pedestrian collisions. Hopefully, this system, being available commercially for all companies around the world, will trigger major improvements in car safety in the near future.

Source: Toyota

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