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New Speed Record for Electric Vehicles

Posted July 4, 2016


The Formula Student Team of the Academic Motorsports Association Zurich (AMZ) has flown into the history on 22 of June 2016: The electric race car «grimsel» accelerated in a staggering 1.513 seconds from 0 to 100 km/h and therefore broke the previous Guinness world record for electric vehicles. The former record was held by an electric race car of the University of Stuttgart with a time of 1.779 seconds.

The Formula Student Team little EV weighs just 168 kg, and is powered by four 37kW hub motors. Total system torque is a 1,630 Nm, put to the road using traction control and a torque vectoring system.

The car needed just 30 m of runway to reach the milestone and beat the previous record on its first attempt, before refinements to its traction control system helped it reach its fastest time. AMZ achieved its record time at a military airfield in Dübendorf, with experts watching to make sure it met all the relevant Guinness World Record guidelines.


Source: AMZ racing

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