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4 Cloud Solutions for Windows Users

Posted July 4, 2016

Microsoft Windows has seen some ups and downs in the last decade, but with the release of Windows 10, Microsoft has gotten back on track with a premier operating system (OS). Of course, no OS is complete these days without cloud computing capability, and all major cloud services are optimized for Windows. But which cloud solutions are the best for Windows users? Here’s a look at some of the best cloud tools out there.

Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 is an all-in-one office savvy cloud service. Spreadsheets, docs and easy sharing make Office 365 a premier cloud service, but it also has a host of other capabilities. For instance, the brewing company Carlsberg Group uses Office 365 to manage over 140 beer brands around the world, and streamline efficiency with 40,000 employees. With Office 365, Carlsberg Group created a scalable supply chain, that, despite its scope, is mobile enough to support local tastes.

Another company to benefit from Office 365 is Green Fuels, though their makeover was much more extensive. The engineering firm replaced all company computers, smartphones and IT systems, monetized their digital technology with Windows and created a platform through Office 365 so employees could communicate and collaborate from anywhere in the world.

Aspect Zipwire

Aspect Zipwire is a cloud contact center solution for customer service. Designed with flexibility and simplicity in mind, Zipwire supports customer service channels of all types, such as voice, SMS, mobile, live chat and even video support. It also tracks customer cases across these platforms so any agent can pick up where the last one left off. Users can also employ workforce management capabilities so that the correct agents with the necessary knowledge to serve customers are always online. This also makes it easy for agents to see whether co-workers are online or offline.


Dropbox is one of the first cloud storage providers. It allows companies like CEL Electric, which operates in the remote region of Saskatchewan, Canada, to share information over long distances. The company’s project managers often had to make remote site visits for meetings, but Dropbox Business has enabled them to mostly eliminate this costly travel and they now support their teams in the field from the home office instead. CEL is able to bid, design and share contract plans with constituents and clients from anywhere in the world.

Google Apps

Google Apps is a different kind of cloud solution, in fact, it supports a vast collection of business needs. Businesses can create presentation slideshows, with an app like SlideRocket, or manage complex projects with Smartsheet spreadsheets. Marketing departments will find Aviary, a media editing app, useful when they compose image-based advertisements, and team leaders can use Mindmeister, a digital mind-map app for brainstorm meetings that remote employees can edit and alter for enhanced communication. GQueues is a delegation app that allows team leaders to assign responsibilities and tasks. Employees can view the queue and mark progress on tasks as well as view deadlines and resources.

Quite simply, Google Apps has options for all aspects of business, and though many apps have a one-time fee or a monthly subscription, these apps can improve productivity immensely.

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