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Wireless Device Forces Helmets To Sound

Posted June 30, 2016

Wearing a helmet in extreme sport is essential and listening to music at the same time is enjoyment. Earphones may be popular choice, but wires tend to get in the way, and the buds can slip out and limit situational awareness.

1-0Domio device is designed to stick to the outside of helmets, transforming the shells into echo chambers. It works by attaching it to a helmet’s exterior and then using the helmet’s rigid surface as a medium for transmitting sound through the use of micro-vibration technology. It transmits sound directly to the helmet where it will create 360 degrees of audio while keeping ears open to environmental noises, such as traffic or pedestrians.

It comes with adhesive-backed mounts that stick to any flat portion on a helmet also it can be removed and reattached to another mount through a simple twist and snap motion.

2-0The device pairs with iOS and Android devices through Bluetooth and can last up to seven hours on a full charge. The battery has a 1600 mAh and recharges via micro USB. The app allows users to calibrate the sound for the best possible performance.

It offers accessible track and volume control, thanks to the multi-function button, that lets users to skip/pause songs without removing their gloves.

Domio is available for preorder through the company’s website. The estimated delivery date is this Fall.

Source: Domio

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