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Tiny programmable computer

Posted June 1, 2016

The BBC partnered with companies like ARM, Samsung, and Microsoft to develop the a pocket-sized codable tiny computer that called a Microbit. It has a lot in common with the Raspberry Pi micro-computer, but is designed to be simpler to start using and includes some hardware and sensors on the board.

The Microbit comes with an accelerometer, multiple I/O rings, magnetometer, Bluetooth, USB, an array of 25 LEDs, and two programmable buttons. It’s powered by a 32-bit ARM Cortex M0 CPU and has a 20-pin edge connector that allows it to be docked with more powerful modules like an Arduino.

It measures 4cm by 5cm and is designed to be fun. It can be coded in seconds – like lighting up its LEDs or displaying a pattern. It also connects to other devices, sensors, kits and objects, and is a companion to Arduino, Galileo, Kano, littleBits and Raspberry Pi. It supports a simple graphical block editor by Microsoft as well as Microsoft Touch Develop, JavaScript (graphical and text), and Python. There are also apps for Android and iOS that can flash software to the board over Bluetooth. Each element is completely programmable via easy-to-use software on a dedicated website

The BBC and partners will be working with teachers and schools to ensure that resources and support are available in advance of distribution this autumn. BBC Learning will also provide resources that support the curriculum including Live Lessons, getting started videos, projects and tutorials.

Source: BBC

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