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This DIY PC Is For Learning and Hacking

Posted May 27, 2016

ELLO 2M is a small DIY computer that has no plastic enclosures, no molds, and no mechanical parts.  You have to assemble this computer by yourself and it is perfect for learning programming, designing electronics, and general hackery.

It consists of six stacked circuit boards (all pre-soldered components) that you sandwich together to create the body of the device. It’s only 6.4mm thick in total, but there’s a seven-inch touchscreen LCD, electronics prototyping board, and a full keyboard built in.

It runs on the BASIC language, specifically the Creative Commons licensed MMBasic. The programs you create can also tie into the electronics you build on the solderless prototyping board.

The hardware is built around the popular Micromite MMbasic (PIC32MX470-120), plus a number of added small hardware extras, including three microSD drives (one internal), RF transceiver, RTC, serial NVM, buzzer, and a solder-less prototyping space built from four PGA sockets, for electronic experiments.



The entire project is open source, with documentation in GitHub.


  • It is Thin – 6.4mm total without sockets, consisting of 6 stacked PCBs.
  • Prototyping space – available on ELLO Geek and above, so you can create and test your projects using ELLO.
  • Real-time clock and buzzer
  • Ample storage – 3 Micro-SD card slots and an internal serial FRAM for data and code storage.
  • Built in RF module – which essentially emulates a wireless UART connection and also has an internal stack with ability for simple networking with similar devices. The range (by specs) is about 100 metres.
  • keyboard – 2 layered keyboard to create pushable buttons, complete with optional backlighting and indicator LED.


  • 32-bit PIC32 micro-controller with 128kB RAM (512kB RAM in the ELLO 2M² “hacker” version)
  • 7-inch LCD touch-screen panel with 800×480 pixel resolution
  • 3x micro-SD cards – one permanently built-in and two for removable storage
  • Real-time clock
  • 2.4GHz RF communication module with simple communication protocol
  • Small speaker
  • Optional on-board serial non-volatile data RAM
  • Expansion receptacle
  • Electronic prototyping space with up to 1156 holes
  • 4500mAh battery for up to 12 hours of continuous operation (more in power-saving mode)
  • Replaceable keyboard panels
  • Composite construction from PCB panels only

The device is available for pre-order through Crowd Supply with an expected delivery date is later this summer.  The project campaign has a 44 days to reach its  $14,000 funding goal.


Source: Crowd Supply

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