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Audi’s new air filters will create an allergen-free environment

Posted May 20, 2016

Spring is a wonderful time, when nature is blooming, everything turns green and beautiful. We want to travel and enjoy good weather. However, there are people who face this season with anxiety because of various allergens floating in the air. Now Audi says that in their cars it should not be a problem, as it is now setting a new standard in the premium compact segment with an innovative air conditioning filter.

Audi A1, A3, Q3 and TT model series are going to get the new air conditioning filter in June 2016. Image credit:

Audi A1, A3, Q3 and TT model series are going to get the new air conditioning filter in June 2016. Image credit:

While being in a car, we want certain isolation from the outside world. We want to be in a silent environment with just the right temperature, which is why it is difficult to imagine a car without air conditioning. However, air is constantly drawn into the car, together with smells and potential allergens.

While it is already an industry standard for luxury cars to have good A/C filters to stop that, Audi now is pioneering this practice in a compact car segment. This summer already Audi A1, A3, Q3 and TT model series will have modern filters that will not only remove fine particulates and harmful gases from the air, but will also neutralize a majority of allergens floating in the air.

Filter itself is very innovative and interesting, despite the fact that it is a rather simple air cleaning device. Each filter usually consists of three layers, outer layer of which not has a new an additional anti-allergen effect. There are two version of this filter. The first one filters out the allergens using plant-derived bioactive substances, called polyphenols. The second one employs modified structure of a protein to achieve a similar effect. Audi does not expect customers to believe its word only and allowed independent institutions to test them – high effectiveness of the new Audi filters has been confirmed.

The other two layers of the filters are also contributing a lot to the air quality in the cabin of the car. One layer, made of a special microfiber material, deals with minute particles in the air, while the other carbon layer takes care of gaseous impurities. All of the three layers arranged together ensure that passengers of compact Audi cars get the premium air filtration and do not have to worry about imperfections in the air outside.

This improvement in air filtration comes right in time for the summer, when air conditioning will be needed the most. Audi says that people will not have to buy a new car to get the new filters – they can be retrofitted to the mentioned models bought before as well.

Source: Audi

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